Famous carnivals in England

In England, there are many Carnival festivals that take place. Depending on the geographical location, there are different carnivals that are conducted in different times of the year. Each carnival has its own mode of conduct and distinct from each other.

Here are some of the famous carnivals that take place across England.

  1. Robin Hood Carnival in Sherwood Forest

This is usually celebrated in the first week of every August to commemorate Nottinghamshire’s Sherwood Forest, a legendary outlaw of the 13th century. Over the recent years, the Robin Hood Carnival has turned to a growth of small villages that cover about ½ square mile with attractions and stalls that can be circumnavigated comfortably within an hour’s time.

Some activities like archery are offered for low fees, and children who have ever imagined of resembling Maid Marian or Robin Hood have a perfect opportunity. It is famous for its ability to attract many visitors.

  1. Edinburgh Fringe Carnival

It is usually a nice five festival, characterized by galleries and high art productions. It brings together top commentators and top authors at the Charlotte Square. It is also characterized by fringe that bring all types of people with tools like pro music, theatre and comedy. It is worth attending due to its terror and glory, and anyone can be part of it.

It gives you the necessary fabulous enjoyable moments, and interactions at the same time. Punters and performers are all over and hence no space for boredom within this event.

  1. Obby Oss, Cornwall

It is among the top may festivals within the country, and is distinct from other parties. It has been celebrated for many years, and is included in the Padstows calendar. It is beleived to be like a traditional Celtic fertility rite that involved monstrous masked creatures and two Osses that are usually displayed all over the streets while accompanied by drums, accordions and songs.

The jumble that is experienced in the streets is enough to attract anyone to join this festival.

  1. Pride in Brighton

This is usually a nice festival that takes place during the summer and is perfect for fun-lovers. It is a grand affair that brings together lovers of fun, and occurs in a parade style with moderate glitzy and floats with eye-catching Rio-Style dancing groups.

Groups of colleagues and friends dress in fancy outfits while getting into dancing troupes. There are very large afternoon dance parties that are worth attending.

One more notable thing about this carnival is its ability to include people of all groups and races.

  1. Chinese New Year, Liverpool

This is celebrated by the oldest Chinese community that started in the 19th century. It is characterized by huge numbers and includes people from other parts of England other than Liverpool. This is a perfect destination for the event and one does not need to travel to China for the event.

At the Nelson Street is a very magnificent Chinese arch that acts as a focal point of these celebrations.

There are other more entertaining carnivals and one can attend as many as possible since they are distributed throughout the year.